Topics of past research

Explore past applied research projects of the Collaborative.

  • Bottom ash management
  • Disintegration of compostable foodware in regional composting and organics processing facilities.
  • Community based social marketing and communication for waste-related behaviour change
  • Increasing diversion rates of multifamily dwellings and addressing challenges such as contamination.
  • Odour detection and management, especially from organics processors
  • Construction and demolition waste, with a focus on painted and treated wood


Assessment of Online Marketplace for Construction & Demolition Materials

Project Status: Completed

In partnership with The University of British Colu […]

Mapping Compost Markets for BC

Project Status: Completed

Metro Vancouver’s Integrated Solid Waste and Reso […]

Cutting the Waste – How to Save Money While Improving Our Solid Waste Systems

Project Status: Complete

Project Date: October 2018

Project Author: Canada […]

Independent Survey of Software and Review Services for Construction and Demolition Recycling/Reuse

Project Status: Complete

Project Date: March 17, 2014

Project Author: Bran […]

Joint Municipal Regional Disaster Debris Management Operational Plan for Metro Vancouver Region and Members

Project Status: Complete

Project Date: October 2017, Version 2.0

Project A […]

Best Odour Management Practices At Composting Facilities

Project Status: Complete

Project Date: August 30, 2017

Project Author: Mor […]

Business Food Scraps and Recycling Engagement Study

Project Date: April 2017

Project Status: Complete

Project Author: Metro Va […]

Construction in Reverse: Lessons from a Residential Renovation Pilot

Thank you to Light House, a social enterprise dedicated to advancing green build […]

Reducing Food Waste by Changing the Way Consumers Interact with Food

Thank you to Further with Food, a website to find and share information and tool […]

Beyond Beauty: The Opportunities and Challenges of Cosmetically Imperfect Produce

Thank you to Further With Food, a website to find and share information and tool […]