Project Status: Complete

Project Date: March 17, 2014

Project Author: Brantwood Consulting, Gossamer Threads Creative Web Engineering – sub-consultant

Project Description: Metro Vancouver member municipalities are implementing bylaws and/or other programs to increase the diversion of construction and demolition (C&D) waste from landfill. To assist with this effort, Metro Vancouver has developed a sample Demolition Waste Management Bylaw and accompanying permit forms for municipalities to consider using. Of the C&D waste disposed directly to landfill in the region, over 200,000 tonnes per year (about 90%) is from demolition. In 2011, there were about 3,200 demolition permits in Metro Vancouver. The average cost of a demolition permit in Metro Vancouver starts at $400 for a single-family house.  The most comprehensive demolition permits start at $1,800 to demolish a single-family house and is only allowed if a building permit is in place for a new building on site.

To support municipalities in their C&D waste diversion efforts, Metro Vancouver retained Brantwood Consulting and Gossamer Threads to undertake an independent survey of web-based Software that can track C&D waste management activities as well as independent Review Services for reviewing applications and compliance forms.  The purpose of this study is to identify tools and approaches that can help Metro Vancouver member municipalities to manage staffing requirements for permit administration and to monitor compliance with their C&D waste diversion requirements while delivering good quality, timely information about C&D waste diversion in their community.