Project Status: Complete

Project Date: October 2017, Version 2.0

Project Author: Critical Continuity & Emergency Management (CCEM) Strategies

Acknowledgements: This Plan was developed by the Metro Vancouver Regional Engineers Advisory Solid Waste Sub Committee Disaster Debris Working Group with support by Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management in Metro Vancouver (IPREM).


Project Description: In the aftermath of a debris generating emergency event, it is not uncommon for there to be a large volume of debris, which needs to be managed in a timely manner. The process of disaster debris management is relatively systematic, and allows a distinct order from preparedness through to recovery.

This Plan lays the foundation for addressing the management of disaster debris in the Metro Vancouver region with a joint municipal regional approach through coordinated and integrated effort. It describes operational strategies for sustained response and recovery.

With the goal of continuous improvement, this Plan encourages the incorporation of evolving joint municipal and Regional Concept of Operations, the expansion of debris management strategies and tools, and the incorporation of lessons learned from Plan activations and world events.