Project Status: Proposal stage/Looking for partners

Project Description

Evaluate the percentage of compost content that can be used as an amendment in topsoil for residential land application without negatively affecting performance.

Determine the performance of topsoil with high compost content based on metrics, such as storm water retention and reduction in irrigation water demands compared to other topsoils available in the market.


Stable compost resulting from the controlled aerobic biodegradation of organic materials, such as yard and food waste can be utilized as a soil amendment.

Sampling and analysis are important aspects in order to assess the quality of the final product and determine compliance for nutrients, organic matter and carbon to nitrogen ratio regulated under the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR) and the Soil Amendment Code of Practice (SACoP).

Engagement opportunities

  1. Soil and compost supplier for testing and sampling.
  2. Research partner to design methodology, conduct investigation, and write summary report.
  3. Project funder.

Estimated funds required

CAD $10,000 for materials and testing


Final report by Fall 2017